List of Jobs Hiring at 14 – Get a Job As Young As 14!

Before, if you are looking for a job hiring at 14 years of age, you need to do either one of the following:

Ask a parent to look a menial job they can trust you with.

Look at community center ads that will most likely consist of boring paper routes, baby sitting jobs or scary house sitting jobs.

Check local papers for job ads that will cater to your age bracket. This may include manning the ticket booth in the theater, selling snow cones at the mall or wearing a sign advertising a deli shop. But now, in this day and age of computer and the internet, you now have the option not only to browse jobs through the internet, but you also have the option to earn money through the internet.

If you are great with words or if you have the so called flair for writing, you can freelance write some website contents. If you have a knack for making bracelets, you can sell your goods over the internet, maybe use MySpace or LiveJournal as your website to store your item pictures in.

The easiest way that I found in terms of earning money online is by participating in online surveys. The pay may be cheap but if a survey site has a high paying referral program, then you may be able earn enough money to save up for that car you want to have in the near future. Just browse the web for legitimate and paying online paid survey sites.